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If you have decided that you want to run our Fundraiser at your School or Non-Profit please fill out this form and everything will be sent your way!


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Would you like one of our representatives to call you to go over any details or questions you have? Our primary contact is via email, but we are happy to connect and help in any way possible.
We send 1 ring display box per school. If you would like more than one. Please type how many you would like here. Each display contains 12 rings. Our product has no shipping costs, however ring displays must be shipped back to EngraveJoy at the end of the fundraiser at cost of school/non profit running the fundraiser.
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By checking this box you agree to run the EngraveJoy fundraiser at some point from January 1st-July 1st 2019 . Should you decided not to run the fundraiser when all material is at your school/non profit, you agree to ship back all materials to EngraveJoy at your cost. In addition, any ring display kits must be returned to EngraveJoy at the end of sale, extra packets/posters do not need to be sent back. All custom ring orders must be paid before we send product out. Our ring fufillment time from when we receive the orders to the time the orders leave our door is no more than 2 weeks.